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Skylanders is a spyro the dragon spin-off based on the adventures of a team of mythical creatures called the skylanders. We have 26 pages on the wiki and we could expand or improve our information further with more contributors. You are welcome to improve any page or make new pages. As long as no vandalism is performed, you can edit anything. (Vandalists will be blocked.)

Skylanders: Spyro's AdventureEdit

Kaos, the ugly prince who gave up his royal name because he was teased, attacks with his huge and almost as ugly hydra, destroying the only thing that keeps the darkness away, the core of light. Darkness started to envelop the infinity world of skylands, releasing evil beasts on everything in its way. The skylanders were banished to earth, the only living portal master, Eon, was killed and turned into a spirit and without the core, the darkness was expanding. But a portal master returns the skylanders to skylands and eventualy rebuilds the core of light and defeats and banishes the little tyrant kaos to earth.

Skylanders: GiantsEdit

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After defeating an ancient race thousands of years ago, the first skylanders, the giants, were banished to earth, buried underground for millenia. When kaos returns, Eon brings back the giants to help, who then reveal the supposedly good arkeyans were the ancient power hungry slave drivers who they had defeated, at which point Eon revealed that kaos planned to bring back and control them with an ancient artifact that would make the holder leader of the arkeyan army.

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